Dealing with Lawn Burn


Lawn burn occurs when your dog’s urine damages your grass; you end up
with ugly brown spots instead of beautiful unblemished green grass.
Before you accuse your dog, however, make sure he or she is the actual
problem. Grubs can also cause brown spots in the grass. If the grass
pulls up easily, you’ve most likely got a grub problem. If it is still
firmly attached, then it’s more likely lawn burn. Also, make sure it’s
your own dogs causing the problem and not the neighbors’!

There are many factors that can make lawn burn worse. It’s caused by
the nitrogen in a dog’s urine and dogs with high protein diets are
likely to have more nitrogen in their urine than other dogs. Larger
dogs, because they just produce more urine in general, will also cause
more damage. Female dogs are more likely to be culprits of lawn burn
because they empty their bladders all at once instead of marking areas
like male dogs.

If your yard is already heavily fertilized, then
the added nitrogen from your pet will obviously make lawns more
susceptible to damage. Yards that are already stressed because of other
issues like new seeding, grubs or disease will also be more likely to
experience lawn burn.

To solve the problem, try these solutions: Dilute the area
with water soon after the dog urinates. Feed your dog a high quality
food with less protein than his or her current dog food. Teach your dog
to urinate in a location that isn’t quite so visible to passersby.
Encourage your dog to drink more water and then perhaps replant parts of
your yard with grasses that are more resistent to these issues, like
ryegrass and fescue.


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