Ear Infections


Is there an odd odor around your dog’s ears?  Is he or she pawing at them more than usual? You may be looking at a dog with an ear infection.


Ear infections occur because of an overgrowth of bacteria or yeast in the ears.  This is more common with dogs with floppy ears, dogs who swim, and dogs with allergies.

How can you make sure your dog’s ears stay clean and free of mites and bacterial overgrowth? You could try using a cleansing wipe.  These are available and could be a good solution if your dog is ok with you messing with his ears.

For other dogs, sometimes the best way to stop an infection is with a solution or liquid product like Ark Natural’s Ears All Right.  It’s an all-natural cleaning lotion made with premium botanicals. It helps to breakdown and remove wax, dirt and debris.  It also reduces inflammation and irritation and treats ear mites.

Some say that nutrition can play a role in improving your dog’s overall health, including that of his or her ears.  Whether or not premium dog food leads to better ear health is debatable, but we all know that feeding a dog a premium all-natural diet will make them healthier overall.

Stop in to J&M Aquatics and Pet Center today to find Ark Natural’s products and premium pet foods!  2851 North Avenue, Grand Junction, CO.


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