Choosing a Pet Sitter or Kennel


It can be difficult to decide who to trust when you’ve got to go out of town and leave your pets behind.  Cats are often fine for a few days, or don’t need much more than someone to feed them and clean out their litter boxes.  Dogs are different.  Dogs need more attention and exercise.  If they get bored home alone, destruction can happen!  Here are a few tips to help you decide what kennel or pet sitter is best for you.

  1. Ask your friends.  If you have friends who use pet sitters or kennels, find out which ones they like best and why.  Get reviews, both from friends and also online.
  2. Think about your pet’s needs.  Does your dog need a lot of exercise and socialization? Then a kennel free facility might be best. If your dog tends to be scared of other dogs or is better off in a one-dog situation, a pet sitter might be a better option.
  3. Visit kennels and meet with pet sitters beforehand to decide. There’s nothing wrong with visiting a kennel or pet day care before deciding whether or not to leave your pet there.  If owners DO have a problem with this, then you should cross their business off your list.  Of course, always call before showing up.
  4. Relax.  Most people who have pet sitting or daycare services do it because they love animals and they want to help you out.  Your pet will probably enjoy getting to have playtime with other dogs and will also be excited to see you when you return!

Here are some pet sitting and kennel services in Grand Junction that you might consider:

The Animal Nanny Pet Ranch

Wag Resort

Kitty Condos

Always Loving Pet Care


Spring Outdoor Pond Tips


We’ve compiled a list of sites offering great information for you on getting your pond ready for spring! provides information on what to do for you pond in every season.

This blog provides 5 Spring Tips for Clear Water

Aquascape Inc has a variety of Spring Maintenance Tips has great specific tips for managing Koi ponds.

Don’t forget J&M Aquatics and Pet Center stocks a large selection of Outdoor Pond supplies!