My cats


I had cats from the time I was about 3 years old until I was in my early 20s. Not the same cat…though that wouldn’t be impossible I suppose. I often think about getting another cat, but I don’t have a great place to put a litter box and it seems I’ve become more allergic to cats over the years as well.  I don’t know if that’s really possible, but having an indoor cat is probably not the best idea for me anymore.

When I was little we had outdoor cats.  There was Max.  He’s the first cat I remember. We lived on about 24 acres and Max would roam about all over.  He was black and did not like for 3 year old children to pick him up. In my defense, I didn’t know any better and back then parents let their kids go outside to play without watching them 24-7.  So I’d go out and try to pick up the cat, it would scratch me and once again my arm would be covered with iodine. Max left us…we argue as to whether it was because he couldn’t be patient with a 3 year old or whether it was from being fed my Mom’s tuna casserole.

We got Cocoa after that and she had 2 sets of kittens. I remember my dad taking me out to a wood pile where she’d had her first litter.  We looked at these tiny tiny kittens that didn’t even have their eyes open yet!  Eventually she brought them up to the house and we dressed them in doll clothes and named them silly names like Missy, Tiger and Leftover (because she was the runt and always ate the leftovers).

Oscar was my first cat that was my very very own. My sister’s cat (she was living away from home then) had kittens and I picked out this one.  Oscar was a great cat.  He brought us dead mice and birds, got treats at Christmas and lived a long life. I remember going home after moving away and sitting with him while he drooled on my leg. He was old but still affectionate. My dad buried him when he died. I had long moved away.

After college I had 2 more cats, Fezik and Buttercup.  Buttercup was my last cat and she was so furry and petite. A tiny cat, she loved to play with pens, destroy puzzles, and sleep right beside me at night.

Buttercup and Fezik were indoor cats and one thing I had to do with them that I’d never had to do with other cats was train them to use the litter box. They were both small kittens when I got them and all I ever did to train them was, after they’d eaten, take them to the box, put them in it, and pick up their paws and dig in the litter.

I’d do this a few times and never had any issues after that.  They seemed to just get it. That might not be common to all cats, but for these two, litter box training was easy peasy.

I still think about cats and have considered getting one again, but like I said, I’m just not sure it’s for me.  This trip down Memory Lane though has been fun. If you’re looking to adopt an adult cat and give it a forever home, we often have some from CLAWS at our store at 2851 1/2 North Avenue in Grand Junction, Co.


Cute Dog Pictures because…why not?


It’s Wednesday and it just so happens that two of my friends posted cute dog pictures on Facebook today.  First up is Freddie, or Frederick Von Humphriestein as he is known on his birthday.  Freddie, a terrier/min-pin mix, is 12 and enjoys long walks and chasing non-venomous snakes.  Mostly he enjoys snuggling up on furniture, which “supposedly” he isn’t allowed to do!cute older dog

But look at that face! How could you deny him anything he wants?  Except grapes. NEVER grapes.

Next are 3 well-behaved dogs, thanks to lots of training classes and puppy day care for one of them. In the center is baby Flynn, who is 2 months old. Flynn’s mom and dad have taken much time to train their three dogs (from left) Summit, Izzy and Axel.  Summit is still technically a puppy though he looks gigantic, and he goes to daycare each day so that he can run off some of his never-ending energy.  But seriously, look at how well-behaved these dogs are!  Oh, and the baby is cute too.

cute dogs with baby

Keeping your dog off the furniture


Recently a friend lamented that her methods of keeping her dog off her office chaise lounge just aren’t working.  Even fake mouse traps that make a “snapping” noise haven’t phased him one bit.  As soon as her back is turned, there he is!  So how can you keep your dog off the furniture? Here are some tips.

  1. Make sure the dog has something comfortable to lie on.  Whether it’s a big throw pillow, a chair he can call his own, or a nice plush dog bed, the dog needs something comfortable and warm to curl up on/in.  This is partly why he likes sleeping on your couch or in your favorite chair. It’s comfortable!
  2. Use rewards to train your dog.  Perhaps after sitting when asked or laying down, the dog can get on the sofa.
  3. Make sure the dog knows being on his dog bed is something that gets rewarded too.  When the dog gets on his bed (instead of on your couch) offer him a small treat.  Maybe not every time, but enough so that he remembers he gets treats for sitting there.
  4. Make your furniture uncomfortable when you’re gone.  By placing tape, upside down floor mats, or even aluminum foil on furniture you can make it less desirable for your pets and keep them off the furniture even when you’re not home.