National Lost Pet Prevention Month


Did you know July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month? In honor of that, we wanted to provide you with some tips for making sure your pet stays safe and sound and at home with you!

dog with a stick

dog with a stick and a bag

  1. First, if you have a dog that lives outside most of the time, make sure the area is fenced and secure.  If you notice your pet escaping, watch him the next time he’s outside and see where he goes.  Often you can figure out flaws in your fencing design and fix them easily.
  2. With outdoor dogs and cats, it’s important to make sure they have collars with updated tags.  When a friend got divorced a few years ago, she needed to update the phone number on her pet’s tags.  It was one of the first things she did.  She walked into the pet store and got new tags as soon as possible. These tags can be invaluable if your pet gets away.  Make sure they include the pet’s name, phone number and address.
  3. Consider a microchip.  Though these are pricey, they can be priceLESS if they lead to your pet being found and reunited with you!
  4. Know the shelters in your area and the protocols.  If a pet gets picked up, where will people most like take it? Is there a facebook group you can join? Here in town you can join the Mesa County Lost and Found pets group. They aren’t affiliated with a shelter, but with over 11,000 members it’s a great extra resource if you find a pet OR lose one.
  5. It’s always good to check with your neighbors. Let them know your pet is missing and ask them to keep an eye out.  Sometimes your cat has just decided to wander a few doors down and climb a tree!
  6. If you lose a pet while on vacation, ask around for the nearest shelter and give them your information.  Give them a photo of your pet too.  Put up signs if you can and post a listing in the local paper. Here in town if you’ve FOUND a pet, it’s free to post an ad with The Daily Sentinel. You can call them at 242-1313 for more information about that.  Probably most areas have similar options.  If you do lose your pet on vacation, don’t lose hope. We’ve had friends lose their pets as far away as California and still manage to reconnect with them.

5 Tips for Helping your Senior Pet


My friend has two dogs who’ve reached what’s considered “geriatric” age.  Norbert, the beagle, is 8 and Autumn, a blonde lab, is 10.  Both still want to be as active as they can and are sad when they get left behind on long bike rides these days.  If you’ve got pets that fall into these age groups, read through the tips below on how to help your aging pet.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.00.37 AM

  1. Diet – Look for “senior” versions of their favorite brands of food.  Senior versions are often easier to digest and contain supplements that help with aging joints and muscles.  These formulas also have a calorie level more suited to the needs and activity level of an aging pet.
  2. Keep Moving – Pets are like people in this regard.  If you can continue to help them move and keep their joints mobile, they’ll be better off.  Shorten walks for dogs and continue to provide stimulating toys and games for cats.  They may not be as feisty as they once were, but being able to play will help their joints and help their attitude as well.
  3. Logistics – Does your dog have to climb stairs at night? You might consider moving his/her dog bed downstairs or providing an alternative bed in an easier place for your dog to get to.  If your cat has a hideaway spot high up, consider creating or purchasing a new cat “hotel” or condo with lower hiding spots.  This way even if your cat can’t jump anymore, it can still feel secure and happy in a hideaway spot.
  4. Regular check ups  – Most vets recommend that aging pets see them every six months.  Changes with pets can occur rapidly, and having a check-up every six months or so is a great way to stay on top of health issues.
  5. Dental Care – as dogs get older their teeth, like our own, need more frequent care.  Remember to brush your dog’s teeth at home and make sure to get professional cleanings a few times a year as well.