When your (and your dog’s) routine changes



This is Riley.  Riley is a toy poodle and his mom’s routine recently changed.  Here are some ways Riley’s mom is handling this routine change for both of them:

  1. Riley has been having some digestive issues since his mom’s return to a standard 8-5 job.  He’s used to being with her more often and the change has produced some stress and anxiety.  Riley’s mom plans to take him to her groomer to have his glands expressed and hopes that will help with some of his issues.
  2. When she gets home in the evenings, Riley’s mom tries to give him extra attention. Extra belly rubs, head scratches and play time can help your pet feel better and can also help to soften some of your own guilt about leaving your pet alone.
  3. Riley’s mom is able to go home on her lunch break to take him for walks.
  4. Riley’s mom knew that Riley might get bored and destructive, so she leaves him with a frozen marrow bone or Kong toy filled with treats.  These keep him occupied for a while so that he isn’t as likely to destroy the house.
  5. Finally, Riley’s mom says that when leaving, you shouldn’t make a big deal about it.  Instead of saying things like, “Bye Riley! I’m so sorry! I’ll miss you so much!” his mom keeps things low key.  She feels that her anxiety and stress will rub off on him if she makes a big deal of leaving.  She also suggests having a favorite toy that he only gets to play with when she’s leaving. That way the event is more of a moment of excitement than one of sadness.

Whenever your routine changes, remember that it can have a definite impact on your pet’s health and well being as well.  Take steps like these to ensure a smoother transition for both of you!