10 Holiday Pet Dangers



When the holidays roll around, it’s especially important to make sure your pets stay safe.  Here’s our list of top 10 dangers for pets during the holidays:

  1. Fireworks at New Year’s (dogs especially can get spooked and run away)
  2. Leftovers / Bones
  3. Chocolate
  4. Holiday plants like mistletoe and holly
  5. Tinsel / Ribbons
  6. Electrical cords
  7. Stress from visiting people
  8. Alcohol.
  9. Liquid potpourri (cats will drink it)
  10. Tree ornaments / trees

Watch out for your pet this holiday season and do what you can to keep them safe!


Last Minute Gifts for Pet Lovers


If you’re looking for a last minute gift for the pet lover in your life, here’s a brief list from J&M Aquatics and Pet Center in Grand Junction:

  1. Books about pets or pet training.  Consider W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose (A Book for Humans) or the hilarous, I Could Pee on this: And Other Cat Poems.
  2. Live aquatic plants or aquarium decorations like this Java Fern we have available now:  javafern2
  3. Desktop aquarium sets like these by Fluval.
  4. Items to add to a reptile or amphibian tank, like new rocks or plants.
  5. Dog and cat toys for their pets, like this great selection we have right now!2017christmas_toys

Stop in before Christmas and we can help you find a great gift for your pet or pet lover!

Treat your pet well at the holidays – know which people food is good and which is bad!


If you’re like me, whether you’ve got pets of your own or you’re watching someone else’s, you want them to have a special holiday too.  Ideally this should mean that they get a pet-appropriate toy or treat.  Still, sometimes it’s hard to resist giving them a little people food treat. Here’s a quick rundown of which foods you should AVOID giving your pets this holiday season:

Alcohol – Duh. This can cause all sorts of problems from vomiting to difficulty breathing, and even death! It’s not funny to get the dog drunk.

Avocado – Is more dangerous for for small pets, birds and animals like horses and sheep.  Still, it’s probably not the best for your cat or dog either.

Chocolate – we all know chocolate is bad for pets.  It, along with coffee and caffeine, contains methylxanthine.  This causes all kinds of problems and sickness for your canine.  Just say NO to chocolate cookies for the dog.

Citrus – Citric acid can cause irritation to your pet’s central nervous system and digestive system.

Coconut or Coconut Oil – Small amounts are probably ok, but it can cause digestive problems and diarrhea.  Why risk it?

Grapes and Raisins – you know these are toxic to your pet.  They can cause kidney failure and are best avoided at all costs.

Macadamia Nuts (or any other nut for that matter) – can cause weakness, depression and even hyperthermia in dogs. Other nuts can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Milk and Dairy – Dogs are basically lactose intolerant. Don’t give them an upset tummy 😦

Onions, Garlic, Chives – Cats are more prone to this than dogs, but it’s better to err on the side of caution.  These cause digestive irritation and can cause damage to red blood cells.

Raw or uncooked meat, eggs or bones – These can contain E coli which is dangerous to humans and pets. Bones are never a good idea because your pet can choke on them, or they can splinter and cause injury to your pet’s digestive tract.

Salty foods like potato chips – Too much salt causes excessive thirst and can lead to sodium ion poisoning.

Xylitol – That fake sugar stuff that’s in everything from candy to toothpaste, can lead to liver failure due to an increase in insulin production.

Yeast Dough – You’ve all heard the story about the dog who ate the yeast rolls…don’t let this happen to your pet! Too much yeast can bloat and swell your dog’s stomach, which could cause it to twist.

The best choices for your pet are natural, unflavored and unseasoned products like pumpkin, carrots, and plain baked chicken.  Actually, the best choices are treats made specifically for your pet!  Come in and see us and find just the right treat for your cat, dog, fish, bird, gerbil, hamster, guinea pig, lizard, snake or any other pet you’ve got!

Holiday gift ideas


It’s the holiday season and we know you’re stressing over gifts for everyone from your mom to your dog.  Here are some ideas to help you not only find gifts for your pets, but for others in your family too!

Of course pet gifts are easiest at a pet supply store.  We’ve got dog beds, new dog toys, slo-bowls for those dogs who like to eat too fast, new winter jackets or shoes, doggie backpacks, and new water bowls too.

For cats, a new scratching post or place to climb is always welcome.  Cats get bored too and so finding interactive toys for them to play with are great.  CatIT Senses toys are one to look at.  There are several different ones, some combining ball tracks with treat games and other “sense” enhancing items.

CatIT toys are available at J&M Aquatics and Pet Center in Grand Junction, Colorado

CatIT toys are available at J&M Aquatics and Pet Center in Grand Junction, Colorado

For aquarium pets, try adding a new plant or decoration.  If you’ve got small pets or birds, consider a new toy for them as well.  Gerbils and Hamsters constantly need things to chew on, so new toys for that are always a hit!

But what about the people in your life?  Are they pet lovers? Do they have pets? What about…

  • a new aquarium LED lighting system
  • new decorations or a gift card to buy new fish for an existing aquarium
  • a new leash or harness for their favorite canine
  • a desktop aquarium kit
  • a placemat for food and water bowls
  • a donation to a local shelter or organization (like CLAWS or the Grand Valley Pit Crew here in Grand Junction)
  • volunteer to pet sit for their next vacation
  • find stocking stuffers like pet hair removers and gourmet pet treats
  • if you know them really well, consider getting them a brand new pet! We’ve got a great selection of small furry friends, reptiles, birds and fish.

Happy holiday shopping! Come see us at 2851 1/2 North Avenue in Grand Junction!


Finding the best dog bed


Tired of having a paw in your face every morning? Perhaps this year for Christmas Rex can get his very own dog bed! Choosing the right dog bed for your pet takes a little bit of time, but it will be worth it for both of you when you both have your own sleeping space.

First, consider your dog’s sleeping style.  Does he like to curl up in a ball or does he sleep sprawled out? Does your dog like to have something to lean against (like you) when he’s sleeping?

Next, think about your dog’s size and activity levels. If you have a large dog a sturdy bed with a more durable fabric is probably going to work best. If your dog spends lots of time outside, consider a bed with a removable cover for washing.

Finally, think about what will look best in your home and what beds will fit in your budget.  At J&M Aquatics and Pet Center we have a variety of dog beds for all sizes of dogs and all budgets!

photo from thepetscentral.com

photo from thepetscentral.com

Older dogs will benefit from specially designed orthopedic beds.  These beds provide more support for older or aching joints.

Donut or Bolster beds (above) are great for dogs who like to have something to lean against.  These consist of a cushioned bed with raised sides. There are all sorts of sizes and types of these available.

Pillow beds (top photo) are basically just giant pillows.  These are great for dogs who like to sprawl out.

Finally, if you have small dogs who lose body heat very quickly (like chihuahuas) consider a heated dog bed.  It’ll keep them warm and toasty!

It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas and you wouldn’t want Rex to be left out! So stop in today to check out our dog beds and other great Christmas presents like: waterproof and wool coats for dogs, ramps for older dogs, gates, stairs and even dog boots.