Ezy Dog floatation device


This time of year it’s fun to head out on the water with our pets in tow.  If you’re planning to take your dog boating, rafting or paddle boarding, take the safe route and make sure your pet is wearing a floatation device like those made by Ezy Dog.  We have these in the store and can help you with sizes and fit, but here’s a video from Ezy Dog to explain it too:


Myths about fleas and ticks



Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because winter is approaching you no longer need to be worried about fleas and ticks.  They’ll stick around as long as they can.  Also, just because they can’t live outside doesn’t mean they haven’t already made a comfy home in YOUR home or on your pet.   Treating your home, yard and pet in late fall is always a good idea.   Read on for several more myths about fleas and ticks.

#2: A lyme disease vaccination doesn’t mean you don’t need tick protection.

Ticks carry other diseases besides Lyme’s disease.  Besides, do you really want your poor pet walking around with a parasite attached? Those ticks can still enter your home on your pet and then move on to YOU if you aren’t careful. Be sure to always protect your pet against ticks and Lyme’s disease.

#3 You don’t need flea and tick protection for your cat.  Cats are just as vulnerable as dogs if they’re outside at all.  Even if they stay inside all the time they’re still candidates for fleas and ticks brought in by other pets or people.

#4 We live in the city; our pets don’t need protection because there’s very little grass.  Your pets can still be victims of fleas and ticks when they visit the park, visit other pets or when you travel with them.

#5 We have hardwood.  Fleas only like carpet.  Fleas will live wherever they think they can find a host. While hardwood floors might not be their first choice, they’ll do in a pinch.

#6  I’ve only seen a few fleas so I probably don’t have a serious flea problem.  Seeing a few fleas is like seeing a few roaches.  Seeing even ONE means there are lots of baby ones hiding elsewhere. If you see fleas in your house it’s best to treat your house, yard and pet as soon as possible!

#7 The fleas are gone! No more treatment.  Do not fall for this.  Prevention is important! Continue to treat your pet to avoid having to start all over with home treatments.


Summer Tips for Traveling with Pets


Bring food and water from home. No one wants a pet with an upset stomach while you’re traveling.
Call ahead. Make sure wherever you’re going (campground, hotel, wilderness area) allows dogs.

Attach name tags to your pet. Make sure
name tag information is up to date. If you need a new one, J&M
Aquatics can make a name tag for you while you wait.
Pack a leash and tie out. Before you even exit the car, attach the leash.
Bring toys! A bone for the car, balls for outside and other toys will keep your pet from being bored.
Pack a pet first aid kit
Cover the seats. Protect your seats from your pet’s hair. It’s nearly impossible to remove.
Provide plenty of exercise before you leave.
Clean up after your pet. Help everyone enjoy the great outdoors by keeping plastic bags on hand for easy clean up.
Travel on an empty stomach
Restrain your pet during travel. It’s the safest way for you both.
Get a health certificate from your vet and upate your pet’s vaccinations. Take a copy of the rabies certificate too.
Bring any medications your pet is taking.
you park in the shade. Pets are unable to control body temperature as
efficiently as humans and just a few minutes in a hot car could cause
irreversible damage or death.

Flea and Tick Control: Not just a summer problem

 Fleas and ticks don’t just cause uncomfortable itching for your dogs and cats; ticks in particular can cause serious diseases like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  Even out here in the desert we have fleas (from the prairie dogs) and ticks, so it’s best to protect both your yard and your pet from disease causing insects like these.  And yes, fleas CAN survive inside during winter months, so use these tips to protect you and your pet year-round.

For your yard, try to find an eco-friendly spray that will kill fleas and ticks.  Make sure that the spray won’t directly run off into lakes or streams.  If you tend to find quite a few ticks in your yard, you’ll want to do this every few weeks right through early winter.  That’s right, ticks are around even then!

If ticks or fleas become problematic in your house you’ll most likely need to fog it.  Fog bombs are easy to use and will take care of any fleas or ticks living there.  As a preventative measure, make sure to wash your pet’s bedding often.

For your pet, first make sure that whatever product you use on your cat does not contain permethrin. It can be deadly to cats.  Be careful with products containing its natural counterpart, pyrethrin, as well, as they can cause problems in small dogs.  There are a variety of products out there that you can use to keep ticks and fleas under control on your pet.

  • Probably the easiest to use and longest lasting product is a once-a-month topical solution like BioSpot.  They also make a yard and garden spray.  These solutions are usually applied at the back of the neck.  They last a full month and are minimally invasive to your pet.
  • Sprays can be used as well; cats will prefer a pump spray vs an aresol spray.  If you use a spray it is sometimes best to spray a cloth and then rub your pet with the cloth.  Around their eyes you can do this or use cotton balls to wipe the substance on so that you avoid getting the spray in your pet’s eyes. Make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area when you spray your pet.  Many sprays contain permethrin, so be sure to check for that before using this product on your cat.
  • Powders, while messy, are easy to use.  They should be used in a well-ventilated area and shouldn’t be used on dogs with asthma.
  • Dips and rinses are effective as well, but you’ll need to make sure to avoid getting the product in your pet’s eyes or ears.  Some people put cotton balls in their pet’s ears to help with this.
  • Shampoos usually only rid pets of fleas and ticks that are already present. Many of these contain pyrethrin, so make sure to just read the labels carefully and only use approved products for cats, small dogs, puppies, etc.
  • Collars are effective if used properly.  Make sure you can fit two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck.  Clip off any excess material so that your pet won’t chew on it.

If you have any questions about what products are best for your pet feel free to stop in and see us at 2851 North Avenue in Grand Junction, or call us at 245-2526.

Summer Activities for your dog


One of the best ways to keep your dog out of trouble at home is to make sure he or she gets plenty of exercise.  Outdoor play keeps dogs’ minds active and alert.  It also keeps them from getting bored and into trouble at home! Here are several fun activities for you and your pet:

1. Walking Even a walk around the park is better than no exercise at all for Fido.  Here in Grand Junction your park choices are numerous and include Canyonview and the popular Sherwood Park.  One lap around it equals one mile! Walks give your pet a chance to meet new friends and work on their social skills too. When walking with your pet make sure to be aware of other dogs and owners around you and to keep your pet on a leash.  While he may be super friendly, other dogs may not be as well socialized.  Also, make sure to grab a few complimentary bags to clean up after your pet too.

2. Fetch – While you’re at the park, or even in your own backyard, spend some time playing fetch with your pooch.  Fetch recalls your dog’s instinct to hunt and the praise they receive from retrieving a toy makes them want to do it again and again.  If you’re looking for great new fetch toys, stop in today and check out our great selection!  We have frisbee discs, KONG toys, chuck its, new products from Hagen and many more.

3. Hiking/Backpacking: If you’ve got a dog with lots of energy and the strength for a long day (or more) out, take him hiking or backpacking.  These nature hikes allow dogs to encounter all sorts of interesting wildlife and natural wonders, like rivers, woods and high alpine meadows.  To protect your pet, make sure to take a collapsible water bowl, or if you’re backpacking, give Fido his own pack to carry a water bowl and plenty of food for the trip. You’ll also want to have a leash with you and to make sure and use some sort of flea and tick control before heading out.  Finally, if your dog has sensitive feet, or if you’re going into very rocky areas, like 14er terrain, consider some durable shoes for your pet as well.  In the photo below, Autumn and her owner set off on a hike in the Uncompahgre National Forest.  Because we knew the trail well and knew it was soft dirt most of the way, Autumn didn’t need shoes this time around.

4. Water sports! Here in Colorado water sports are plentiful and dogs love to cool off in the water just as much as we do.  (Well, some of them…) Now you can use great fetch toys like those from KONG in the water too! Take your dog to the lake or even out for a day of paddle boarding on the river.  Make sure to protect your pet (especially on the river) with a pet life preserver though.  Even if they are good swimmers, it’s best to help keep your dog’s head above water in case anything goes wrong.

5. Agility Parks: Here in Grand Junction the new K9 PowerSports Dog Agility Training Center gives you the chance to work on your dog’s agility skills year round.  They are an indoor center with many classes and opportunities for helping your pet get a fun workout while leaping hurdles, balancing, running through tunnels and more.  You can find out more about them here: http://www.k9powersports.com

No matter what sport you choose for your pet, make sure to give him or her plenty of water and a snack afterwards.  Just like we work hard and need nourishment afterwards, your pet does too.  Exercise is important for your dog’s mental and physical health; getting outside is a great way for the two of you to stay in shape and bond!

5 Benefits of an Exercise Pen


Exercise pens come in lots of different styles and sizes; most of them can be added on to to grow to larger sizes as well. These pens are quite useful to dog owners for several reasons:

1. Travel – When traveling with your pet, exercisepen can give them a safe place to play.  You can ensure that they don’t wander off at a campground and disturb others, aren’t bothered by other people or animals at the beach, and are safe and happy during any trip you take.

2. Healing – When pets are healing from injuries, limited movement is sometimes recommended by your vet.  Having an exercise pen is a great way for your pet to heal without having to be in a crate all day.

3. Guests – Exercise pens can also be opened up to serve as gates between your pet and guests during dinner parties or other events.

4. House training – If you’re trying to train your puppy, having an exercise pen makes it easy to keep him confined to a smaller space and also in the same area as you and your family.

5. Outdoor Safety – Exercise pens make a great way for your pet to safely enjoy some outdoor time if you don’t have a fenced in yard.