Summer Tips for Traveling with Pets


Bring food and water from home. No one wants a pet with an upset stomach while you’re traveling.
Call ahead. Make sure wherever you’re going (campground, hotel, wilderness area) allows dogs.

Attach name tags to your pet. Make sure
name tag information is up to date. If you need a new one, J&M
Aquatics can make a name tag for you while you wait.
Pack a leash and tie out. Before you even exit the car, attach the leash.
Bring toys! A bone for the car, balls for outside and other toys will keep your pet from being bored.
Pack a pet first aid kit
Cover the seats. Protect your seats from your pet’s hair. It’s nearly impossible to remove.
Provide plenty of exercise before you leave.
Clean up after your pet. Help everyone enjoy the great outdoors by keeping plastic bags on hand for easy clean up.
Travel on an empty stomach
Restrain your pet during travel. It’s the safest way for you both.
Get a health certificate from your vet and upate your pet’s vaccinations. Take a copy of the rabies certificate too.
Bring any medications your pet is taking.
you park in the shade. Pets are unable to control body temperature as
efficiently as humans and just a few minutes in a hot car could cause
irreversible damage or death.