Litter Box Training Tips


Adopting a new cat is so much fun; there are toys and treats to buy, adorable pictures to take, and a kitten to play with! However, one of the most important aspects of kitten ownership is training your kitten to use a litter box. The sooner you’re able to do this, the happier you’ll both be!


When I had kittens, litter box training was a cinch.  I took each cat to the litter box, put him or her in it, and scratched around in the litter with its paws.  From that moment on both of my kittens had no trouble using the litter box.

It’s not always this simple, and even cats who are great at using a litter box can sometimes have a set back.  Moving to a new place, for instance, can cause cats to revert to bad behavior when it comes to avoiding their litter box.  So, here are a few tips that may help you overcome any difficulties in getting YOUR kitten or cat to use a litter box.

  1. Make sure the litter box is clean.  You have to clean it at least once a day (clean out any clumps) and rinse it with warm water at least once a week. Each day when you clean it, add an inch or so of new litter too. Cats like a clean place to go, so if the litter box is dirty they’re going to avoid it.
  2. Be mindful of where the box is located.  It needs to be in a quiet and easily accessible place.  It does not need to be near where your cat sleeps.  Make sure it’s a place easy for the cat to get to – not a place where a door might accidentally close and leave the cat without litter box access.
  3. If  you’re training a new kitten, take it to the litter box and scratch around in the litter.  This will show the kitten that this is a nice, clean place to use the bathroom.
    1. Make sure the litter box is one your kitten can easily get in and out of.
    2. It needs to be large enough for the kitten to turn around and kick a bit of litter around in order to bury any waste.
    3. At first, try to put your cat in the litter box after it eats, wakes up from a nap, or finishes with a play session. These are the most likely times for it to use the bathroom and if you begin taking it to the box early on, you’ll help the cat form a routine.
    4. Finally, the number of litter boxes in your house should ideally be equal to the number of cats you have plus 1.  So if you have 1 cat, you need 2 boxes.  2 cats? 3 boxes. This will ensure that the cats always have a clean box to go to and are also able to have their own privacy.

Fluval Flex Aquariums


hqdefaultThese great new small aquariums from Fluval are in stock here at J&M Aquatics and Pet Center.  We’ve included a video from Fluval, below, but here are 5 great facts about these aquariums:

  1. The elegant vertical bow front
  2. The easy feed port on the front
  3. The LED lighting remote
  4. The honeycomb wrap to conceal the water line and integrated filter system
  5. Oh, right, the integrated filter system!
  6. BONUS: the 7500K white LED lighting system that is INCLUDED! It will support live aquatic plants requiring mid to low light and, by using the remote, you can create over 80 different color variations!

Watch this video from Fluval to learn more about the Fluval Flex aquarium, in stock now at J&M Aquatics and Pet Center in Grand Junction, Colorado:


Cats and the Vet


We love this video from Simon’s Cat about a cat’s trip to the vet.  We know it can be difficult to get your cat into a carrying crate, especially without the use of any relaxing drugs.  But what if there were an alternative?

Here in Grand Junction we have a mobile veterinary service, Aspentree Veterinary Care. They will come to your house and provide basic shots, minor surgeries and wellness check ups for your cat or dog.  This way you don’t have to get frustrated, like Simon, or get your cat agitated.  You can contact Aspentree Veterinary Care at 241-3700.

Canidae’s Top 10 Pet Articles of 2016


We love Canidae Pet Foods, not only because they create great food products for cats and dogs, but because they also provide a blog with lots of useful information.

Read their top 10 pet blog posts of 2016 to find up-to-date articles like:

  • 7 Commands Dogs Need to Know in Public
  • What is Whisker Fatigue?
  • The benefits of having two dogs
  • Is it safe for dogs to eat insects?

Watch for information soon from J&M Aquatics as their blog moves to a newly designed and updated website!


10 Holiday Pet Dangers



When the holidays roll around, it’s especially important to make sure your pets stay safe.  Here’s our list of top 10 dangers for pets during the holidays:

  1. Fireworks at New Year’s (dogs especially can get spooked and run away)
  2. Leftovers / Bones
  3. Chocolate
  4. Holiday plants like mistletoe and holly
  5. Tinsel / Ribbons
  6. Electrical cords
  7. Stress from visiting people
  8. Alcohol.
  9. Liquid potpourri (cats will drink it)
  10. Tree ornaments / trees

Watch out for your pet this holiday season and do what you can to keep them safe!

Last Minute Gifts for Pet Lovers


If you’re looking for a last minute gift for the pet lover in your life, here’s a brief list from J&M Aquatics and Pet Center in Grand Junction:

  1. Books about pets or pet training.  Consider W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose (A Book for Humans) or the hilarous, I Could Pee on this: And Other Cat Poems.
  2. Live aquatic plants or aquarium decorations like this Java Fern we have available now:  javafern2
  3. Desktop aquarium sets like these by Fluval.
  4. Items to add to a reptile or amphibian tank, like new rocks or plants.
  5. Dog and cat toys for their pets, like this great selection we have right now!2017christmas_toys

Stop in before Christmas and we can help you find a great gift for your pet or pet lover!