How do I control algae in my aquarium?



I have a lot of algae in my aquarium. What can I do to control it?

First, know that algae is necessary for your aquarium and will always be present. Algae have several benefits:

1. Algae provide food for many animals in your aquarium; they provide nutrients and fiber.
2. Algae provide oxygen to the water and take up carbon dioxide.
It absorbs nitrates which are the final product of the nitrogen cycle.
The nitrogen cycle is an important biological function and filtration
process that occurs in the closed system of an aquarium.

There are several colors of algae: blue, blue-green, red
and brown. The type that will grow in your aquarium depends on the
light spectrum used and the nutrients available. We know light is
important to any aquarium; it also the biggest factor in controlling
algae growth.

Aquariums that receive 10-12 hours of light per day will not see excessive algae growth.

Your aquarium should be receiving light for 10-12 hours a day.
If algae seems to be growing too quickly and is covering everything in
your aquarium, the tank is probably getting too much light. High levels
of nitrates and phosphates can also cause excessive algae growth, but it
is always mostly caused by excessive light.
You can of course purchase particular fish, snails and shrimp
to help control algae in your aquarium. You can also purchase
scrubbers, scrapers and other products useful for cleaning algae off of
the tank itself and the plants and decorations within.