FAQ: What else does my aquarium need?


What other items or special equipment might I need for my aquarium?

Depending on the type of aqarium you have, the lighting, fish
and plants, you may need a few other items to make sure your aquarium is
working efficiently and providing a healthy habitat for your fish.
Though tropical aquariums need to
be fairly warm the vast array of lighting options, filter and pumps
used in aquariums today can sometimes raise the temperature to as high
as 90 degrees. To avoid that, a chiller is sometimes installed. It
works much like a refrigeration unit, pulling water in through coils,
drawing out the heat, and returning the water to the tank.
Reverse Osmosis Units
These units pull tap
water through a very fine filter to remove any added chemicals,
nitrates or phosphates that might contribute to algae growth.

Wave Makers
Constant motion is the norm for many
tropical fish and plants. Wave Makers can simulate this motion by
alternating power to various water pumps in the aquarium. In this way,
sessile organisms are more likely have nutrients carried to them and
waste carried away from them too. .