Myths about fleas and ticks



Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because winter is approaching you no longer need to be worried about fleas and ticks.  They’ll stick around as long as they can.  Also, just because they can’t live outside doesn’t mean they haven’t already made a comfy home in YOUR home or on your pet.   Treating your home, yard and pet in late fall is always a good idea.   Read on for several more myths about fleas and ticks.

#2: A lyme disease vaccination doesn’t mean you don’t need tick protection.

Ticks carry other diseases besides Lyme’s disease.  Besides, do you really want your poor pet walking around with a parasite attached? Those ticks can still enter your home on your pet and then move on to YOU if you aren’t careful. Be sure to always protect your pet against ticks and Lyme’s disease.

#3 You don’t need flea and tick protection for your cat.  Cats are just as vulnerable as dogs if they’re outside at all.  Even if they stay inside all the time they’re still candidates for fleas and ticks brought in by other pets or people.

#4 We live in the city; our pets don’t need protection because there’s very little grass.  Your pets can still be victims of fleas and ticks when they visit the park, visit other pets or when you travel with them.

#5 We have hardwood.  Fleas only like carpet.  Fleas will live wherever they think they can find a host. While hardwood floors might not be their first choice, they’ll do in a pinch.

#6  I’ve only seen a few fleas so I probably don’t have a serious flea problem.  Seeing a few fleas is like seeing a few roaches.  Seeing even ONE means there are lots of baby ones hiding elsewhere. If you see fleas in your house it’s best to treat your house, yard and pet as soon as possible!

#7 The fleas are gone! No more treatment.  Do not fall for this.  Prevention is important! Continue to treat your pet to avoid having to start all over with home treatments.