Best toys for home alone dogs


When leaving Fido home alone there are some toys that it’s best to avoid: toys that can fall apart, sloppy rawhide bones and real bones that can splinter are best used for times when pets are supervised.  Wondering what toys are best for home alone dogs? Check out these!


Rubberized Toys: Toys like Kong brand toys are perfect for dogs home alone.  They’re sturdy and made of thick rubber so they won’t fall apart and they’ll hold up to lots of chewing. You can even put treats inside them for your pet to find.

Flavored Synthetic Bones: Bones like Nylabones that are flavored with tasty meat juices are perfect for dogs home alone.  They won’t splinter like real bones and they help to prevent plaque build up.  They will keep your dogs entertained and also massage their gums at the same time.

Toys with treats inside:  Balls made of high impact plastic that will roll and let treats fall out are great ideas for some dogs. They will keep them occupied for hours and that will keep them from chewing on your furniture!

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