FAQ: What type of lighting does my aquarium need?


Which lighting style or fixture should I use on my aquarium?

Light plays an important role in the health of an aquarium.
Having a basic knowledge of this role can help you to have a healthier
aquarium of plants and fish.
Higher intensity lighting in
your aquarium will make it possible to maintain a more diverse array of
aquatic life. It’s not recommended to simply replace intensity with a
longer duration of less-intense light because this can actual do harm to
your plants and animals. It can cause them to grow more slowly and can
increase algae production.
Photoperiod Duration
This refers to the
amount of time the lights are on in your aquarium. If the lights in your
aquarium are on from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., then the photoperiod
duration is 12 hours. A constant photoperiod exists for most tropical
plants and animals; it’s best to try to replicate this in your aquarium.
Use a timer to ensure that the photoperiod duration in your tank
remains around 12 hours each day.

New LED lights from Marineland

There are several different types of lighting available for your aquarium.

Standard Fluorescent
is the most common. Along with being fairly inexpensive this type of
lighting is energy efficient and available in a wide variety of sizes
and spectrums.

High Output Fluorescent lighting fixtures
need a special ballast and special bulbs to operate. An increased
wattage is the biggest difference between these and standard fluorescent
bulbs. Also, these can run hot and may need extra cooling.

Power Compact Fluorescents
are new, but quickly growing in popularity. They are easy to use, have
high intensity lighting and run cool. They do require a special
ballast and fixture.

Metal Halides have the highest
intensity level available for aquariums. They also produce a large
amount of heat and often require additional cooling for your aquarium

LED or Light Emitting Diodes” are also new to the
aquarium scene. They are very energy efficient, cool running and their
bulbs can last up to 10 years. Using a combination of LED wattage and
various color spectrums can bring you as close to actual sunlight in
your aquarium as possible.

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