Puppies and Kittens: 5 essentials


When you bring home a new puppy or kitten, there are several great items you should have on hand to make life easier for everyone.

For puppies
1. Piddle Pads – when house training your new puppy, piddle pads can come in handy.  If you have to be gone for an extended period of time, having a pad your dog knows is an “ok” place to go will make life easier for both of you.  Young puppies have bladders that are still developing and may not be able to hold it if you’re away for a while.

2. Treats – The best way to teach your dog what behavior is acceptable is by rewarding him or her with a treat.  Kind words and a little bit of a treat after using the bathroom outside, coming when called or sitting will go a long way towards getting your young puppy to obey.

3. A good leash – Taking your puppy on walks is a great way to get him or her used to a leash, and also used to the world around him.

4. Name Tags / Collar – Make sure to get your puppy a collar and a name tag with his name, address and phone number.  If he ever escapes from you, you’ll be glad to know that information is there for someone if they find him!

5. Gates – If you want to confine your puppy to one room of the house while you’re at work, having a gate to close off certain rooms of the house is the way to go.

For kittens
1. Spray deterrents – there are lots of pet-safe sprays available that will help keep your new kitten from clawing on furniture or curtains.

2. Treats – Kittens don’t really understand punishment, but they DO understand rewards for good behavior.  When your kitten does what you want, like coming when called or using the litter box, have a small treat handy.

3. Litter box and litter – a new litter box will be necessary for your new kitten. If you already have a cat at home, make sure to bring home at least one extra box and maybe 2.

4. Furniture and/or toys – kittens need places to play and things to play with.  Make sure to get a good scratching post and perhaps even a tower or two for your cat to climb on.  Small toys to chase will also keep your kitten’s mind active and alert.

5. Carriers – when transporting your kitten to the vet or anywhere else, a good carrier is essential for its safety!

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