Eliminating Pet Odors at Home



Poor Rex has been sent outside again because the house is smelly.  What can you do to keep those odors from coming back, even when Rex does?

1. Make sure you groom and bath Rex regularly.  This is one of the best ways to make sure your house doesn’t smell.  Also make sure they get dental treats, like those made by Greenies, to keep their mouths smelling fresh too.  Dental cleanings are a final way to make sure their teeth and gums are healthy and bacteria free.

2. Use absorbent odor crystals near litter boxes or dog beds.  These work all the time, sort of like “odor eaters” in your shoes, to keep odors at bay and trap them.

3. Consider light air fresheners.  Products like Febreeze are great for fabrics and scented candles with light scents can help keep a house smelling fresh and clean – with our without Rex!

4. Finally, if you have lots of pets, you’ll need to make sure to disinfect their kennels, litter boxes and other play areas well.  These products get at the source of the smell: bacteria.  By using them you can help eliminate odors and protect your pets as well.