Cats and the Vet


We love this video from Simon’s Cat about a cat’s trip to the vet.  We know it can be difficult to get your cat into a carrying crate, especially without the use of any relaxing drugs.  But what if there were an alternative?

Here in Grand Junction we have a mobile veterinary service, Aspentree Veterinary Care. They will come to your house and provide basic shots, minor surgeries and wellness check ups for your cat or dog.  This way you don’t have to get frustrated, like Simon, or get your cat agitated.  You can contact Aspentree Veterinary Care at 241-3700.


Last Minute Gifts for Pet Lovers


If you’re looking for a last minute gift for the pet lover in your life, here’s a brief list from J&M Aquatics and Pet Center in Grand Junction:

  1. Books about pets or pet training.  Consider W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose (A Book for Humans) or the hilarous, I Could Pee on this: And Other Cat Poems.
  2. Live aquatic plants or aquarium decorations like this Java Fern we have available now:  javafern2
  3. Desktop aquarium sets like these by Fluval.
  4. Items to add to a reptile or amphibian tank, like new rocks or plants.
  5. Dog and cat toys for their pets, like this great selection we have right now!2017christmas_toys

Stop in before Christmas and we can help you find a great gift for your pet or pet lover!

Holiday Travel Tips from The Honest Kitchen


Tips for Holiday Pet Travel

November 7, 2013

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means many of you will be packing up your pets to head over the river and through the woods. More people than ever are reportedly planning pet friendly vacations, and that means a little extra planning to make sure your trip gets off on the right paw. Here are a few tips to make sure your next adventure is a success.

Dog in Car

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At J&M Aquatics we carry:

soft side crates from Hagen, wire cages from Petmate –  both single door & double door – all sizes on all crates & all are collapsible & easy to store! The Hagen soft side crates even come with their own carrying case.
We also have: seat covers, harnesses that hook to your seat belts, travel bowls, & mats for the back of the car/

suv. Stop in today and let us help you plan the perfect holiday trip with your pet!

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Why Cats Need to Play


If you’re like me, it seems like every time you look for your cat you find him or her asleep. Even in the wild, felines sleep for the majority of the day.  This means it’s even more important for them to spend their waking hours playing!

Why? Play provides a chance for your cats to get exercise.  If you want a healthy, normal weight cat, that cat is going to need to move.  Play also gives your cat a way to relieve anxiety.  Yes, even cats can be anxious and worried and when they are they can exhibit bad behaviors like aggression or urine marking. By having some play time cats are able to get rid of that stress and anxiety.


Playtime is also a release from boredom for cats.  If your cat is bored, he or she might be more likely to get into trouble. Cats who have their own toys to play with are much better off and have better ways of keeping themselves occupied than those who don’t have toys.

Finally, playtime gives your cat a chance to feel good! Exercise makes us feel good and therefore exercise for your cat will make it feel good too.  It even gives multiple cats a chance to bond with each other.

If you’re looking for toys for your indoor cats, make sure to stop by the store!  We really recommend these Vee Cat Toys: 

This article is a summary of the Drs. Foster and Smith “Playtime for Kitty” article.

Protect your furniture from the cat


Cat clawing at the furniture again? Try deterring them with herbal
sprays or sticky strips. Products like this are available at J&M
Aquatics and Pet Center. They are barely noticeable to humans, but will
keep your cat away from the edges of your nicely upholstered chairs and

If your cat doesn’t have a designated place to scratch,
create one. There are a variety of cat scratchers out there from cedar
posts to carpeted cat trees or Sisal cat scratchers.

you can carefully trim your cat’s nails to reduce the damage caused by
repeated scratching. Make sure to use high-quality animal-appropriate